Thursday, July 9, 2009


Dinner with Friends

We had dinner with our friends before the Albright's headed off for Washington DC for 3 years. We have the best friends in the world.

Swim Lessons

Dutch Briggs
It was time once again for the 4 grandkids to take their summer swim lessons. I would go and watch just for some really good entertainment. By entertainment I mean 3 kids kicking and screaming each time it was their turn. Portlin did great and is swimming like a fish, but all the 3 year olds wanted nothing to do with it. At one of Tru's lessons Kayla said ok Tru it's your turn and she started to cry and scream and said, "spank me" we laughed so hard. She wanted to trade her lesson for a spanking. She got the lesson.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grand Baby #6

Our new arrival is finally here. Bennett Hayz Gallagher was born June 4th. He was 6lb 12oz and 20 in long. Ashleigh did a great job and they are home and healthy. Briggs is so cute with him and already very protective of his "baby brother bennett".

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well I did it! I finished my triathlon that I had been training for. It was in St. George and the good news is the swim part was canceled. It was too windy for anyone to get in the water so we had to run twice. So it went run, bike, then run again. I say it was good news but I was a little disappointed because I had been training for the swim part. Maybe next time!Dutch, Portlin, & Tru got to have a sleepver at Nana & Papa's house!

Monday, March 30, 2009

#5 Grandchild is here. Meali'i Ella Aalona

Can I tell you how great it is to be in the delivery room and not be the one in labor. Wow! It's pretty cool. I'm so proud of Emily and Jason they did a great job. Jeff and I were honored to be invited. The spirit is so strong in the room when those little ones arrive. We are all shocked with her coloring. I really did expect a little dark baby to come out wearing a grass skirt and doing the hula. Her 4 cousins were so excited to meet her.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun in the snow

Jeff and I spent the weekend at the cabin with some of the kids and grandkids. Emily and Jason joined us and Brian drove up with Dutch and Tru. We were waiting for Emily to go into labor but we got nothin. Dutch and Tru had endless fun all weekend. Dutch said after hours of fun, (I love the cabin).